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What courses can be run at HBYC's Discover Sailing Training Centre?

HBYC is a Discover Sailing Training Centre for:

How does it benefit HBYC as a whole?

The benefits of being a Discover Sailing Training Centre are:

  • HBYC is assured of the professional standards in the delivery of courses including a sound approach to the complex issues of Risk Management.
  • Appropriate insurance and advice for HBYC, the instructors and the students.
  • Australian Sailing will promote training at HBYC via the YV website, at Boat Shows and other promotions; also there are many incoming phone enquiries at YV offices.
  • Australian Sailing can support funding applications for government grants.
  • HBYC will have access to nationally accredited courses together with proper syllabuses. This includes access to resources and materials.
  • Supply of professionally presented Logbooks and course materials.
  • Use of the Australian Sailing MyCentre system, which eliminates much of the paperwork and enables HBYC automatically produce attendance sheets as well as advising Australian Sailing to issue certificates.
  • Gives HBYC's instructors to participate in the network of qualified instructors and clubs who are delivering training, and benefit from training themselves.
  • Ability to participate in and contribute to the improvement of courses and training via the Australian Sailing Training Committee.

National Dinghy Training Scheme

Sailing a dinghy can be fun and exhilarating and this program has been developed to provide a safe introduction to dinghy sailing. If you would like to learn to sail, this is the place to start.

Start Sailing 1 and 2 are designed to teach participants how to sail, starting with the essential skills and gradually introducing more advanced skills and techniques as the course progresses. By the end of the program you will have been taught the skills and knowledge required to start racing at your local club or just enjoy being out on the water. Start 1 and 2 can be run separately or as a combined course.

Dinghy Start Sailing 1 & 2  

Course dates:

2019 :

Cost - $300 (HBYC Members) or $350 (Non-Members) $145 (Junior Membership)

Start Sailing 1


Your Discover Sailing journey starts here as you learn the fundamental skills of sailing and are introduced to the fun of dinghy sailing in a safe and supportive environment.

Duration 12 Hours


This will allow participants the freedom of sailing dinghies with the guidance of a Yachting Australia dinghy instructor


Water confident  8+ years old

Who should do this course?

This course is recommended to anyone wishing to learn to sail an off the beach sailing dinghy. Continue along the pathway to achieve your Better Sailing and Racing certificates.

Start Sailing 2


Your Discover Sailing journey continues as you master all of the fundamental dinghy sailing skills.You are now equipped to sail your dinghy on your own voyages of discovery.

Duration 12 Hours


This course introduces skills and knowledge that will enable the participant to safely sail a small boat in light winds without guidance.


Water Confident.  A basic understanding of dinghy sailing - likely to have completed Start Sailing 1

Who should do this course?

Those people that have completed and enjoyed Start Sailing 1 and wish to develop their sailing skills further.

National Powerboat Training Scheme

Do you want to learn to drive a smallpowerboat? Would you like to man a rescue boat to support your local sailing club? This program will provide you with the necessary skills for the safe use of small powerboats, including the equipment to be carried, knowledge of seamanship, navigation and weather.

As part of the program you will have the opportunity to achieve theStart Powerboating certificate which satisfies licensing requirements in some states of Australia. If you wish to assist in club events or desire to be an instructor, coach or official, then the Powerboat Handling course is particularly beneficial. The skills and knowledge gained in this program can be applied in most of the other programs and it is highly recommended for all.

Powerboat Handling

Next Course -

Cost - $300 (HBYC Members) or $350 (Non-Members)


The Start Powerboating and Powerboat Handling courses are combined into one in this course comprising of theory and practical skills. Topics covered include: trip planning, boat maintenance, safety equipment, dealing with emergency situations, high speed manoeuvres, low speed manoeuvres, engines, types of craft and navigation.


20 hours (approx.)


Following the course you will have sufficient skills and knowledge to skipper a small powerboat.


12 years of age or over

Who should do this course?

People who wish to gain the knowledge and skills to be a competent small powerboat operator. If you do not have your recreational powerboat licence yet, you will be issued with a certificate of competency to take to VicRoads upon successful completion of this course.

National Keelboat Training Scheme

The National Keelboat Program provides a fun and accessible entry into sailing and gives participants further opportunity to improve and develop sailing skills and techniques. The courses will equip you with the essentials required to safely sail a small boat without the fear of capsizing or getting wet!

As your skills progress, you will also develop an understanding of each person's role and how teamwork plays a major part of being an effective crew. You should come away with the knowledge and confidence to sail a small boat competently and for those that wish, you can progress to larger yachts or participate as crew on a racing yacht.

Start Helming

Next Courses -

  • April 6th and 7th 2019 - To register for this course click here.

Cost - $300


This course is designed to improve your sailing skills by building on your practical skills and knowledge.


2 Days


Intermediate level boat handling, sailing and safety theory.


It is assumed that you have some sailing experience and will more than likely have completed the Start Crewing course or have a similar level of sailing experience.

Who should do this course?

Those people looking to upskill from basic crewing responsibilites on a keelboat or trailerable yacht.

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