The Cruising Group meets at the Club premises at 7.30 pm on Friday nights (Usually the first one) of the calendar month, except for December and January. Keep an eye on our website calendar for dates and topics.

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Our meetings are informal and usually include a speaker from within the club or from outside. The bar is open, food maybe on offer depending on the theme of the night and we usually finish with tea, coffee and biscuits and of course, lots of chatting. Our topics are sometimes anecdotal and sometimes instructional. In recent times some of our members have given us presentations on their cruises around Tasmania, the Pacific Ocean, the Kimberley Coast and in the Whitsundays and even round the world, not just showing us the wonderful sights, but also sharing with us relevant facts about anchorages, fuel and power usage, communications and fishing, and giving advice about "next time".

We have had instructional evenings on:

  • recovering a man overboard
  • anchoring in difficult holding
  • using a sextant
  • flag etiquette
  • the new PFD rules (given by Transport Safety Victoria)
  • the Water Police on their role
  • the operation of the port, by the Harbour Master
  • the Coast Guard on their activities.

For cruising events organised by HBYC's Sailing Committee or Cruising Group (listed in the HBYC Calendar), a Cruise Coordinator will be appointed and the cruise will be conducted under a set of documents including a Notice of Cruise and Cruising Event Instructions. Examples are provided below. These documents will be updated and amended top reflect the organisation, destination and safety requirements for each event.

A list of equipment recommended for cruising, based on the YA Blue Book, has been prepared by and experienced Yacht Master. This provides a good overview of the type and range of equipment recommended but does not cover such items as structural integrity, hatches, cockpit volumes and drains, and bilge pumps which all boats should comply with already.

For general information on HBYC Cruise Events please click here.

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