22 March 2017

Tumlaren State Championship

Read the latest press release about the Tumlaren State Championship, which will be held at RMYS on 25 & 26 March here.

09 March 2017

Ikon38 - Sydney38 International Champion

Thanks to Erin Landells for another fantastic article. This time about Ikon38 becoming the international champion in the inaugural Sydney38 Interna...

21 February 2017

Val Hodge Trophy - Wrap Up

The Port Phillip Women's Championship Series has begun! Have a read of Giuliana's article about the Val Hodge Trophy here.

15 February 2017

Racing Rules of Sailing: 2017-2020

The "Blue Book" is no longer available in hard copy. The new edition of the 2017-2020 Racing Rules of Sailing, now in use unless otherwise specifie...

15 February 2017

Slipping Winch Relocation - Wrap Up

Check out Kevin's article about moving the winch and where everything is now located.

14 February 2017

Juniors Pursue!

Ian Robertson (3 Ring Circus) took some of our junior members sailing for the RM Smith Pursuit race on Sunday 5 February. Click here to see how th...

09 February 2017

Guide to Solo Sailing

Please click here to read the guidelines for solo sailors.

07 February 2017

Discover Sailing Day - Wrap Up

Discover Sailing Day was a huge success. You can read all about it in Elizabeth's article here.  

02 February 2017

HBYC Lady Skippers' Passage Race - Wrap Up

Thanks to Sailing Admin, Ian Robertson for this great wrap up of the HBYC Lady Skippers' Passage Race. Read More

31 January 2017

Ikon Wins at Festival of Sails

Thanks to Erin for this great article. Click here to read it.

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