Twilight Series

Twilight racing is run during daylight savings on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Wednesday racing is hosted by and combined with the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria (RYCV) and incorporates two series (pre and post Christmas). It's a very popular series and there is something for everyone with 3 mixed divisions and a 'one design' division for Diamonds and S80s.

Thursday evenings offer a more relaxed pursuit race, hosted by HBYC.

Twilight racing is a great way to break up the working week and enjoy daylight savings amongst the company of other sailors. Dinner is available for purchase on both evenings with an a la carte menu on Wednesdays and a BBQ on Thursdays.


Race Documentation 2017/2018

Wednesday Series Thursday Series
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Series results - post Christmas

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Start Sheet/Results

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 2015/2016 Full Results


Past Winners

Year   Twilight Performance Twilight AMS
  Division Yacht Skipper Yacht Skipper
2013 Div A        
  Div B        
  Div C        
2012 Div A        
  Div B        
  Div C        
2011 Div A Ikon B McCracken    
  Div B Sea Lion II R Magor    
  Div C Pure Logic T Hooper    
2010 Div A Ikon B McCracken    
  Div B Esprit C Jackson/M Williamsz    
  Div C Knot A Clew R Gregson    
2009 Div A Airframe S Dickins/I Robertson    
  Div B Rocket Science J Walshe    
2008   Orlan P Edwards Hot Chocolat B Green
2007   Snowbird R Tanner Orlan P Edwards
2006   Merlion E Mackevicius Plantronics Duo Pro W Feore
2005   Madrigal N Foa    
2004   Uncle Fester S & M Dickins    
2003   Garisenda J Savage    
2002   Vitamin C D Stanley    
2001   Turbo W Feore    
2000   Sea Lion E Mackevicius    
1999   Gentoo L McDougall    
1998   Aquatint G Van Mannen    
1997   Pagen J Pilgrim    
1996   Sagitta J Savage    
1995   Vitamin C D Stanley    
1994   Widgeon J Bish    
1993   Widgeon J Bish    
1991   Private Eyes T Dutton    
1990   INXS D Hellier/R Goodman    
1989   North Encounter R Buck    
1988   Fantasea W Feore    
1987   Widgeon J Bish    
1986   Widgeon J Bish    
1985   Sirocco H Van Meurs    
1984 Div 1 Imschallah B Pratt    
  Div 2 Juno M Preston    
1983   Erica L Erickson    
1982   Delta Lady P Taig    
1981   Great Scoot B Fitzgibbon    
1980   Vahine G Mullenger    
1979   Vahine G Mullenger    
1978   Vahine G Mullenger    
1976   Triton D'or J Wright    
1975   Erika B Cherry    
1974   Vahine A Fitzgibbon    
1973   Elsinore L Erickson    
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