15 August 2016

Hobbo's Ahoy - August 2016 - Updated Calendar

Hobbo's Ahoy - August 2016 The latest Hobsons Ahoy, the HBYC Newsletter is out... Calendar updated Click Here  

27 July 2016

Tevake II - Sydney Gold Coast Race

Tevake II wil be competing in the 2016 Sydney Gold Coast race, starting Saturday 30 July. You can follow the race at http://goldcoast.cyca.com...

05 July 2016

End of Summer Season Survey - 2015/2016

Here's a chance to have your say about what we are doing right, what needs improving and input suggestions. If you don't tell us then how are you ...

06 May 2016

The Latest from Women and Girls in Sailing

The racing is over for 2016, but there is still much to celebrate for our most successful Port Phillip Women’s Championship Series to d...

17 April 2016

This Sunday - PPWCS Race 4 - Now with Non-spin division!

2016 Jennifer Goldsmith Perpetual Trophy will take place on Sunday 17th April @ 11am...

05 April 2016

Turbulence's Farewell - Fri. 1st @ 10pm - Photo's

Thank you to the ~40 members who came down the Northern arm last night, armed with streamers to let Turbulence's (Turbo) lines off from Hobbo's for...

05 April 2016

Cruising Talk this Friday - Indonesia Rally - Cruising in company through ‘Wonderful Indonesia’!

Fancy an International Yacht Rally to the Indonesian Archipelago, followed by 3 months destination cruising around its 17,000 Islands, all within t...

09 March 2016

Fri 11 Mar - Rigging - Pitfalls, Failures & Learnings AND... a Barn Yard Bash!

BARNYARD BASH - FUN IN THE BARN AT HOBBO's! Cruising Group March event; Bookings essential.  Book a Table, or a seat!  (Must confir...

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